A Trip to the Mousetrap

On December 12th our class went to Vienna’s English Theatre to watch the world’s longest running play THE MOUSETRAP by Agatha Christie. Our form and English teacher Prof. Gutmann together with our history teacher Prof. Ruesch had organised the trip and also took care that nobody got lost in the big city. We went there by means of public transport. One of the highlights on that day was that we were allowed to get some great food at Vienna Main Station. Having arrived at Vienna’s English Theatre at Josefsgasse 8, we didn’t only have a great view of the stage, we also had an excellent view of the spectators ☺☺☺! The play the MOUSETRAP is basically about a couple who have recently opened a guesthouse and their guests, who are stranded there, cut off from the outside world by a snowstorm, when they discover that there is a murderer amongst them. Everyone in the guesthouse becomes a suspect and has secrets in the course of the play. The play kept us in suspense from the very first moment! It was really thrilling and exciting, because we got involved and also tried to guess who the murderer was. We really enjoyed the trip!

It was a cool trip, because we understood a lot of the play and it was a new experience.

The actors were very convincing and professional.

Spending time together was amazing!

I can highly recommend this play to you.

I think we all enjoyed it and I learnt some new English words and phrases.